WCPT Africa Region Conference System, 9th WCPT Africa Region Congress

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Workshop on Respiratory Physiotherapy
Narasimman Swaminathan

Last modified: 2013-06-10



The objective of this short workshop is to introduce the basic concepts regarding the role of physiotherapist in the field of cardio respiratory physiotherapy


At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to

ü  Identify the problems of the patients with pulmonary disorders with appropriate clinical reasoning

ü  Prioritize the problems with rationale

ü  Select and administer the techniques based on the research evidence


v  Clinical reasoning in respiratory physiotherapy


v  Interpretation of the investigations

Chest X rays



Exercise testing

v  Evidence based selection of physiotherapy techniques

Physiology of airway clearance

Advanced Airway clearance techniques

Lung volume expansion techniques


Didactic lecture to introduce the basic principles – 45 minutes (Three 15 minutes sessions)

Work station – I hour (6 X 15 minutes session) (Small group activities)

Video demonstration of Techniques – 30 minutes

Case discussion – 45 minutes


All the necessary equipments and materials will be brought by the resource person for demonstration. If it is small group techniques could be demonstrated in small groups.   

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