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Conductive Education: Open Doors to Life Long learning-A survey of Health Professional Knowledge in Nigeria
Samuel Olawuwo, Roberta O'Shea, Helen Bourke-Taylor, Gabriela Molna

Last modified: 2013-06-10



Introduction: Conductive Education (CE) is an educational approach to rehabilitation of  adult and children with neurological disorder. It is also referred to as “PETO Method”. According the originator, CE represent a significant paradigm in the treatment and wellbeing of children and adult  with motor disabilities and their families as presented by a systemic-developmental model differing from existing medical and social ones.


-To determine the Health Professional knowledge of Conductive Education among other key intervention such as Neuro-Developmental therapy (NDT) and Priopoceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

-To define and describe the key concept and Principle of Conductive Education

Method:  The study uses an observational design. A survey questionnaire comprising items regarding various physical therapy techniques use by Nigerian physical therapist. This was gathered at the 51st Annual scientific Conference. The questions were based on their practice experience, level of education, experience in NDT (Bobath), CE (PETO), PNF and Passive movement, among others. A comprehensive literature review was done to provide evidence on effectiveness of CE.

Result:  A total of seventy three practicing PTs’ in Nigeria responded (m=45, F=26), Age range 31-40 (53percent) highest. BSc, MSc and PhD - 62.0, 32.0, 5.5 percent  respectively. In terms of intervention in use , PMovt> NDT>CE (88.0,62.5,37.0 percent  respectively). All acknowledge more training is needed in CE, PNF and NDT. 55 percent did not use group therapy.

Conclusion:  In the light of the above, the use of CE to complement other physical intervention is an option of choice as it maximizes practitioners’ time with his clients. Based on clinical practice settings, CE can offer a variety of advantages applicable to all settings (school or hospital based, residential care).

Key Words: Conductive Education, Conductor, group therapy.



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