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Physical activity level, body mass index and blood pressure of children in primary schools in a rural community in South Western Nigeria
Nse Ayooluwa Odunaiya, Afeez Olamide Azeez

Last modified: 2012-02-07


Purpose: The study aimed at assessing the chronic disease risk factors such as physical activity,BMI and blood pressure of children in a rural community in order to plan and implement appropriate primordial program for such children in  the selected rural community. 

Relevance:Low level of physical activity, elevated blood pressure and high body mass index in childhood are predisposing factors to CVD and chronic diseases in adulthood. Prevention programs are better implemented in childhood as such the need to assess the CVD and chronic diseases risk factors among children especially in the rural areas

Participants; Three hundred and thirty five male and female participants aged 10-12 years were recruited from public primary school in the selected community.

Methods;Physical activity questionnaire for children (PAC –C) was used to obtain information on physical activity and was interviewer administered. The blood pressure , weight and height were obtained through standardized measures and BMI was calculated using CDC BMI calculator.

Analysis:Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics of mean, standard deviation and percentages and inferential  statistics of chi square and spearman rank correlation.

 Results; Results showed that 79% of the participants had low physical activity  level, 36% were underweight and 3% overweight. Blood pressures of majority of the participant were within normal range while 2% were at the risk of hypertension and 5% had elevated blood pressure. There was significant correlation between blood pressure and BMI

Conclusion:Rural children  in selected  rural community in South Western Nigeria are not suffciently active to safeguard their future health from CVD and chronic diseases. There is a problem of underweight which may indicate problem of malnutrition and risk of hypertension among rural children.

Implication: There is need for health education and prompt CVD and chronic disease primordial prevention program among rural children in south western Nigeria.

Key words: Physical activity level, BMI, blood pressure, Children, rural


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